Sustainability Assessments and Strategic Planning

Loop Strategies will conduct a baseline audit of your business operations, mapping out key inputs and outputs and analyzing the sustainability impacts of your business. From there, we will help you map out a long-term plan to take affordable and flexible steps to achieve your goals.

User Research and Community Outreach

To know where changes you make can have the most beneficial impact, you need to understand your audience and the full system that supports and revolves around your business. Participatory design practices can build community around common ideas and ensure that the path you pursue is positive, profitable, and popular with your customers and community.

Group Facilitation

Business groups and neighborhood partnerships can often find ways to work together towards more sustainable practices that benefit everyone. Loop Strategies will design and conduct a facilitated experience to tackle difficult questions as a community and develop workable action plans.

Web Design

Communication is key in developing open and trusting partnerships that support sustainable behavior, and in marketing what you do to your customers and community. While our team members are trained sustainability strategists, we also happen to be expert web professionals. We’re happy to act as web consultants, designers, or developers, depending on the needs of your business or service.

Green IT

Whether by making sure the systems you buy are more energy efficient and less toxic, or by finding ways to use the resources you already have more efficiently, greening your use of technology can often lead to some of the quickest returns on investment. Loop Strategies will help you spot where you’re spending more money than you need to on wasteful devices or processes. We’ll leave it up to you to figure out where you’d rather use that money instead.

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