Looks like DC Biodiesel expects to have their new plant operational by the end of 2013! They’ve partnered with Beltway Biodiesel and their parent company to process the grease they collect from area restaurants. The biodiesel produced will be used locally to power fleet vehicles and provide residential heating.

This is all very exciting! However, in this press release, you’ll note that they only plan to produce blends up to B20, which is a bit disappointing to me. I’d love to see a local source for B80 or above as well. B20 means that the blend is 20% bio and 80% petrodiesel – B80 would be 80% bio and 20% petro. If DC Biodiesel offered a higher mix to a local distribution coop for retail customers (there used to be one in Takoma Park) local biodiesel and greasecar converts might not have to drive up to Baltimore to stock up on B99 (those that don’t homebrew, anyway). B80 and above do fine around here for most of the year, so could at least be a seasonal option.

The gas station near the Pentagon already sells B20 to retail customers. While I don’t own a car anymore, I do know a lot of people who would appreciate the option to buy much higher blends locally! Please consider it, DC Biodiesel…

January 31st, 2013

Posted In: Sustainability